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Saturday 9th March, 2019 10am at the Bonsai South Nursery (114-116 The Boulevarde, Caringbah NSW 2229)
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Juniperus chinensis

4 years 10 months ago - 4 years 10 months ago #47542 by Taffy
This Juni was grown from a seedling that I got as a seedling in 2010. It was put in a 4 inch black plastic and potted into this 8 inch pot in September 2014, wired and basic pruned. I also used the ‘inner-tube’ method to put a bit of a bend in it (1st pic). Now, I’m having some problems trying to decide how to shape it (next pic – front). This is really the only choice for the front as there is no natural back branch until you get to the apex.

The second branch on the right also has a branch going out to the rear, so is acting as a back branch (shown in last pic - blue arrow, red arrow is the side branch). I’m thinking that the lower two branches need to go, but that then shows that the next two branches are a bar branch situation which can be seen better in the 1st pic.

So Guys, any ideas on how to make a ‘silk purse’ out of this ‘sows ear’?



A seed is actually a tree packed ready for travel. (Bill Funk)

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4 years 10 months ago #47544 by phung nguyen
Hi Taffy

I think you've already done a good job, branches've been in positions. Only thing is to tidy up the crown, ie make it small so the overall look tappering.


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