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New to bonsai. Need a lot of help.

7 years 11 months ago #31631 by Brandonbk
Hello bonsai lovers! I am definitely new to bonsai as today I made my first purchase of a "mall bonsai" and I will post pics of it later tonight when I get home.
I've always been fascinated with these beautiful miniature trees though. When I was 13 (10 years ago) I got a small evergreen from school. Brought it home and planted it in the front yard...It was about 6 inches tall then. I didn't know it was a miniature then but ten years later its still very small. the hat is for size comparison btw.
What I realy want to know is what kind of tree is this. Can I replant it in a pot. If so when can I. And is it a tree normally seen in the bonsai hobby. I am in no hurry as I've read now is not the time to repot. But I want to make this beautiful overgrown tree a work of art and since its been around me so long I want to take special care in doing so. Any input/help is greatly appreciated and any links that may be helpful to me would be great because I can't find much online to help me. Here are a few more pics for identification

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7 years 11 months ago #31632 by Chris
Hi Brandon,

Your tree (a pine) looks great but I wouldn't do anything with it now, or when the season permits. Id probably buy a few smaller 'nursery stocks' to style and learn on, and I would do a basic bonsai course. In time you will feel more confident and then be able to answer your own question on 'what to do with this tree'.

After a few practice trees and more experience you will know what to do with this tree and be able to turn it into something pretty special. When I started bonsai I too bought two small trees (a juniper and an elm) which I still have. Though the trees were a little young I planted them in open ground and after a few years they are starting to turn into some sizeable trucks.

Hope this helps, Chris

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7 years 11 months ago #31634 by Shane Martin
Hi Brandon,
Welcome to the forum....
I'm pretty sure your tree is not a pine, (sorry Chris) but looks like a Spruce.... maybe Alberta Spruce. Where are you located? Are you from Victoria by chance. Spruce grow well in colder climates.
You should edit your profile and add your location so we can best advise you for your local conditions. I'm no expert on these trees, so I will leave it to someone else with more knowledge to advise you on the best time to dig this one up. Chris has given you sound advice on starting out on some easier species like elm or juniper first. See if you can get some young nursery stock from a reputable nursery, and go from there. Do NOT buy pre packaged bonsai from shopping malls or hardware stores, as they are likely to die within days or weeks if you are new to growing trees. There is plenty of help here on our forum and don't be afraid to ask.

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7 years 11 months ago #31636 by Chris
This is a very nice plant, lucky it worked out for you and I'm glad you're feeling some personal connection to it.

But yeah, what the other Chris said, try your hand at some other bonsai first. Don't butcher this one out of inexperience (or at all... haha)

Good luck, get some practice and then shape this one up. A lot of potential I'm sure!

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