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Disease affecting my flowering cherry

1 year 8 months ago #55779 by Matt
OK, so I have two things happening here. I have some little caterpillars like this (and some similar ones that are brown, and act different, but just as hungry) which can eat a lot in one day. That’s how I find them now, look for newly chewed leaves, then search that exact spot. This one has gone to the great cabbage patch in the sky.

The ‘shot holes’ or whatever seem to have improved and I have heaps of new growth which so far seems unaffected, so the tree is looking altogether happier now.

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1 year 8 months ago #55780 by JC
Hi Matt

They are called a Looper Insect, I think that the green ones are young and at a stage the become browner.

When startled they hang on by one end and stick straight out looking like a dead twig.

I have also seen them drop down on a web like string to the ground.

Here is some info on them www.daf.qld.gov.au/plants/fruit-and-vege...nsect-pests/loopers3

I found the best thing is a pair of tweezers does the trick.


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1 year 8 months ago #55802 by Matt
Exactly! When they turn brown and do that thing where they try to look like a stick, they are near impossible to see. And these guys start off tiny, just a few mm.

Manual removal is the best I agree. It’s a little slow and they get a small meal before I find them, but still, a very treatable problem.

Thanks for your replies and the information - it’s nice to know what is wrong, and what I need to do to solve it.

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1 year 8 months ago #55803 by JC
Hi Matt

I have mentioned a few times on the forum that I collect a number of the good guys such as the Praying Mantis and St Andrews Cross Spiders.

These guys usually keep everything under control and I only spray when I absolutely have to and then if it is only one bonsai that is effected then I do that away form the others.

The other tell tale is droppings on the top of the stones or edge's of the pots and tops of benches, this will let you know if there is something around to look for.

Here is a link of some nasties to have a look at. www.gardensonline.com.au/GardenShed/Gard...tor/PageSize_64.aspx

I found the link's doing a research for good and bag bugs for the club.

For years I thought that the little green leaf hopper was cute? (Not So)

I couldn't work out a couple of seasons ago what was eating the outside of my fig leaves, then discovered the Fig Tree Beetle.

Here is another listing the Good & Bad earthbox.com/bug-chart

The Lady Beetle is a good one to have as well but when at larva stage they look like a baddie. www.brisbaneinsects.com/brisbane_ladybirds/

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