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Cascade JBP -1,2 and 3

9 years 1 month ago #16653 by Leong Kwong
3 JBP cascade for your opinion.

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9 years 1 month ago #16684 by dean sear
hi leong
i find that the first jbp looks to be a bit stiff in the tail and to much foliage if i had it i would thin the tail and try to give it more of a flow it just seems to be to staight out

the second jbp seems to have same problem with sticking straight out but it has good thining on the tail it would be nice with a bit more flexibility on the tail

the third jbp looks like it needs thining all over and the tail looks good nice and long and looks to be a bit more flexable all in all they all look nice with minor faults my opinion
cheers dean

a simple question or hard should at least be answered or attempted to be solved
cheers dean

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