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Juniper: Getting that Red Trunk

7 years 7 months ago - 7 years 7 months ago #33774 by Chris
Hi everyone, Im after some tips on getting that nice 'red' trunk on a juniper.

Attached is picture of my progress, Im not too sure how its coming along. So far I have dampened the trunk then brushed it gently with a wire brush. The brush is new so its still a little sharp.

If you look at the top of the picture, you will see the 'old black truck' and then lower down is the result from the 'brush clean'. There are some scratch marks which Im a little worried about. Disregard the branches and styling, Ive only removed unwanted branches and will work on that red trunk then wire off and allow to grow.

Thanks in advance Chris

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7 years 7 months ago #33775 by Stuart Myhill
I just brush it with a wire brush and apply vegetable oil with a brush

I don't worry about scratching he trunk too much, maybe your wire brush is too harsh?

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