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Leptospermum trinervium (Flakey-barked Tea-tree)

6 years 6 months ago #41387 by Brian Bishop
G'Day David.
The last pic impresses me in that it suggests that the rougher looking and less uniform in shape the pot is, the more it suits the Oz native.
Colour and texture of pot needs to be earthy and rough.
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6 years 5 months ago - 6 years 5 months ago #41655 by David Willoughby
Thanks for the comments Anthony, Chook and Brian. I too am getting right into the Natives and the more I delve, the more I like.

To add a couple more Leptos to the thread are two recent collected ones. The first one is a medium sized Lepto with multiple trunks again (seems to be common for this species) and it has been two weeks since collection and there are spots of new growth on it already (I thank the rain for that) and also it was on a rock with a shallow root base. I think it has some potential and will be fun to work it next year (taking the safer, slow and steady option on it).

This next one is a small one that I have decided to experiment with. Being collected two weeks ago, I managed to get a reasonable rootball with it. The following day, I decided to bareroot it and wash away all the soil, trim the roots and pot it into a small pot that it could fit it and one that I could secure it tightly. A week later I decided to wire it and give it a rough styling.


*a week later before any styling work

*how it sits now

Since being potted, it has sat in a tray of water and with the rain we have had this past fortnight, I think its been the perefct alixer for it as it has signs of new growth already. I think I will still prefer the slow and steady approach to this rush rush rush job just to ensure the survival of the plant, but even if it dies on me now, it will be a good lesson and something will be taken from it, but sometimes you need to push to far to know how far one can go. I do hope this one pulls through as I think it could make a credible little tree in a few years time.

Both of these have signs of new growth although its nothing substantial enough to say, Woohoo they survived collection but its a good sign nonetheless. The funny thing is, both of these have more signs of life than a couple of others I collected in January :unsure:



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