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Azalea - Upsizing

1 week 3 days ago #59541 by Anthony W
This tree I finally got around to, had lifted the tree good year ago I think, but only rough wired some front branches low as I wanted the back to grow taller so I could hood the rest....this was grown earlier in the ground a for few yeas in a black pot with the bottom 1/3 of container removed so roots could stretch but the rootball as such stays tight for lifting easier and we can squash more trees in a smaller bed...I up graded the container once on this one.

This tree is designed to be a big statement piece for the top new section of my yard to go....a new pot to come.

Anyway first wiring and this has a very good nebari which I have now flooded and re-tweaked the wiring up stairs to more bend, to lazy to take another pic at this stage...the flower is of the species dogwood.

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