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Bonsai South Robbery

Penjing Part 3

Penjing Part 2

Penjing Part 1

Redesigning a fig bonsai

Juniper bonsai

Bending a way to a Japanese Black Pine

 Japanese Black Pine bonsai tutorial

Elm Forest

“Great Scot!” Scots Pine bonsai

Pretty Pyracantha Bonsai

The majestic swampy

Wacky Juniper

Cascade Juniper Bonsai

Juniper bonsai challenge – Update Juni 2

Azalea bonsai in Bonsai South Nursery

Figuring out a new design

A pine just around the bend – Part 2

Japanese Black Pine – Semi cascade

A Pine just around the bend – Part 1

Seiju Elm

Kotobuki Pine

Bonsai South Classic – Penjing 1993

Twisted Tale of a Red Pine

Juniper – Split Decision

Stylish Juniper

Seiju Elm

A Tree and a Half – Part 3

A Tree and a Half – Part 2

 A Frosty Day

 A Tree and a Half – Part 1