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Digging up tree

2 weeks 5 days ago - 2 weeks 5 days ago #62215 by Marlo Hoogstraten
Hi, I'm a total noobie trying to get started with bonsai. Whilst doing a spring prune clean of my yar I noticed one of the trees in my backyard has an awesome looking trunk, but it looks like the roots are holding on and wrapped around a lot of rocks, I can loosen a lot of the rocks, but it's still a very strong and secure hold its got... Could I chainsaw the big thick roots and put rooting hormone powder on the cuttings and try and preserve as much of the finer roots and then put it in a growing put untill it recovers?

I've already pruned back a lot of the top foliage

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2 weeks 4 days ago #62222 by JC
Hi Mario

Looks like an Orange Jasmine / Murraya, just get as many fine feeder roots as you can pot it up in some fresh bonsai media or good quality free draining mix keep moist not to wet and semi-shaded till you see signs of life.

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